Special Things

It wasn’t just the natural beauty of the area but also certain events, items, and people were like icing on the cake.

First, there was the discovery of the throne. πŸ˜€

The Throne

And on the second day, the swans arrived, trumpeting their early morning arrival which startled all occupants of our tent. πŸ˜€

At First They Rested
Curiosity Setting In
Investigating Granger

And although I did not get a photo of her, I spent a good hour of conversation with Chelle who arrived via canoe. An Outward Bound guide for 20 years whose depth of wilderness knowledge was incredible.

The next day, “Ja-Nice” and her niece, Nichole (sp) were “greeted” by 3 Dobermans as they arrived at the campsite via foot, shattering their assumption my vehicle was suggestive of a day-hiker. πŸ˜€

They spent the night and hiked out the next day, intending to check out the nearby wildlife management area on their way back home.

They left me their spade which was like getting to open a Christmas present early as I had unintentionally broken mine putting some torque on a few roots several days earlier.

“Ja-Nice” and Nichole

Coattail Lake

I thought it was Ned’s Lake in the Big Island Lake Wilderness nestled in the western “subdivision” of Hiawatha National Forest.

I was wrong, it was Coattail Lake, otherwise known as pure, utter bliss.

Coattail Lake After the Rain
Our First Afternoon

Sometimes You Luck Out

After being unsuccessful at finding the Forest Road I was seeking, I just started pulling into any side road I could find as the sun was turning in for the night.

Both tent and supper were accomplished in the dark.

The next morning, I realized how blessed we were. πŸ™‚

And a River Runs Through It

K9 Forest Walks

As I mentioned before, the off-road vehicle trails are a blessing for 3 K9s and their owner.

And in the Upper Peninsula, there are many such gifts.

A Break in the Forest

Hiawatha National Forest, Part I

I noticed a bumper sticker in some little country store featuring a post office whose young postmasters claimed they could indeed send packages but since they didn’t have a working set of scales such transaction wasn’t possible.

But I digress.

“Upper Peninsula – Unless you’ve been there, you wouldn’t understand.”

I thought it was a rather snarky statement and while it may very well qualify as such – unless you’ve been there, you wouldn’t understand. πŸ˜€

Hiawatha National Forest
Sunset Reflections
Daytime Reflections
Sunset in Hiawatha National Forest

Lake Michigan

Lake Michigan, the 3rd largest of the five Great Lakes, is the only one located entirely within the United States.

As it has many beaches, it has earned the nickname, “the Third Coast” of the U.S.

Lake Michigan, Hayes Township
Lake Michigan, Mackinaw City
Sunset over Lake Michigan, Wawatam Township